To One Shut in From One Shut Out

Anchoritic Rules in England From The Eleventh To The Fourteenth Century

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This study analyses anchoritic guides written in England from eleventh to fourteenth centuries to observe the changes in the attitudes of the authors towards their primary audiences and by this way concerns itself with the life in the anchorhold and the possible changes in the meaning and basic elements of the solitary religious pursuit for both the authors and the primary audience of the anchoritic rules. After a close analysis of the Images, motifs and some highly Important themes of the texts such as enclosure and virginity, the present study points out certain shifts in the discourses of the authors and comments on the possible reasons for these changes. The author in the end reaches the conclusion that the regulations for the life of an anchoress were shaped around the general tendencies and contemplative trends of the period, as well as the personal inclinations of the advisors.

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