Phenomenality Of Flying

Beyond The Phenomenology of As Such After Heidegger, Derrida and Marion

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It would be really easy to answer the main question of this text: What is flying? The investigation issolelyabout how todelinewhat flying is Kw/does one define flying?This question,at first, depends on thescalesand ieferencepoints.So,Invedoesonedefineflying?’ is essemial b/ related to the question of ‘with referred to what, does onedefineflying?’ Ard in this point, just likethe impossibilkyd an owla r locati:m or address of the space and place itself, there is an impossibility. To surpass this impossibility, we have linguistic stmouiesand phrases, such as In itsessenoe ‘truly; ‘as such’,”by definition’, by itself’ in itself’ etc. Therefore, to go be and this impossibility whili comes with the lack of frame of references, we ask:’what is flying in its essence?; ‘What is flying as suchr ‘what truly is flying?’ 01’what is truly flying?’ (‘truly, what is flying?’ and ‘what is flying is uubir),”what is flying in itselfr’what is flying in ItillretC.We ask becausewewant to have a definition by itself, that doesn’t need any kind of reference (tool from) at fiist.We want to have a definition that Weis to nothing or rgth ing othw than itself, and also, we want this definition to be useful regarding that it can be the absolute reference that all the other perspectives regarding flying will refer to eventually. In slon, we ask: ‘What is flying as such?’ wh i:h means ‘what is flying as flVilagr This as such at ‘accuse (or the A ls-st tulatml when it is probkmattied, can open up new ways of thinking, especially in phenomenology. Hence the begin­ning of this text begins.

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