Metal and Metal packaging

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Although metal is one of the first mines processed by humanity, it has never lost value. It seems that it will not lose value in the future. Although new raw materials modified with today’s technology are being discovered, metal will have the most trusted, used, and good properties tomorrow as it is today.”Metal and Metal Packaging” consists of three parts. In the first chapter, metal, the history of metal, and its journey to the present day are discussed. The chemical structure and physical properties of the metal are also discussed and examined in the first chapter. Ethnographic findings such as how the metal entered humanity’s life with its history, for what purposes it was used, and how it turned into packaging were used.

The second chapter of Metal and Metal Packaging deals with metal production, types, and metal as a material. A rich photo archive supported it, and it was aimed not only to inform the reader but also to excite the interest and desire of metal and raise awareness.

The third part of the book is devoted to the packaging property of the metal.

I hope that this book will benefit the researcher, designer, and anyone interested in the subject. Metal is life, love, art, and above all, it will come.

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