Meaning, Responsibilitiy and Politics: Hermeneucital Essays

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Meaning, Responsibility and Politics: Hermeneutical Essays

The author of the Meaning, Responsibility, and Politics: Hermeneutical Essays examines the mean-ing of human beings in the Western philosophical tradition. As a one-of-a-kind social phenomenon that strives to achieve an acceptable compromise between being and consciousness, meaning and understanding are given a great deal of attention. It is this hermeneutical ideal of discovering meaning in the nature of morality and politics that distin-guishes some of the most important contemporary debates on the nature of being (including debates on the nature of language and man), which have their origins in the philosophy of language and can be applied to a wide range of topics. In addition, the author argues that in Western thought, reason, liberty, equality, and the ability of nature to regulate itself have all been deemed to be subject to evaluation. As a result, the democratic constitutional state, culture, and community have all been established in the educational apparatus in the manner that has been desired fora long time by the people of the nation. The concepts of law and human rights, to be sure, are deeply ingrained in contemporary political theory and ethical reflec-tion, as is the concept of justice. In order to comprehend Enlightenment ethics, one must first understand individual autonomy as well as a rational view of the universe and of man. Since human autonomy and rational comprehension are highly valued, the concept of meaning is taken to be ontological and extended to include considera-tions of ethics and politics.

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