East – West Dialogues in Philosophy

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Studies of Art, Aesthetics and Phenomenology in here, there are five studies, that work under the thematic title ”East-West Dialogues”, are presedent. Each study, while on one side they focus on a matter that fits the context of their own title, one other side they try to problematize, reconstruct within, and solve an aspect of the 21 century phenmenlogy has this manner of double investigation makes studies important and useful for the course of history of phenomenology has. This manner of double investigation makes the studies important and useful for the course of history of phenomenology, by testing is limits and horizons. In here, by also through the problematizaiton of the phenomenological horizon, this can be said, it has been tried to carry phenomenology to its next stage or open it in an intellectual and philosophical East – West encointer. Without succeeding or failling it, even the enterprise itself holds essential insight about the path ahead of the phenomonology. Nitzche one said ”I imagine future thinkers in whon European American indefatigability is combined with the hundred-fold inherited contemplativeness of the Asians: such a combination will bring the riddle of the world to a solution.” Maybe with the help of these studies, by attaining a bigger picture, every reader might have the change to realize what Nietzsche and others imagined and wished for. Of course, the whole ”combination” that Nietzsche talked about surely takes more than thousands of companios and hundreds of years in the making. But it would be more than enough for this text to at least contribute the process of the combination

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