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An essential guide to the culture, confficts and politics of the Cold War, the Middle East and


Clodem Salim, Indiana University

It is a useful book to understand Turkey’s Cold War years. reflecting the vigour of research on

diverse archival collections.

Hazal Papuççular, Istanbul Kültür University

Based on British archival documents, Behcet Kemal Yesilbursa has written the history of Turkey

within the context of the 20th century international developments This book has a virtue of

analysing both domestic and foreign dimensions of Turkish politics. This deftly written work

provides necessary information on the 20th century Turkey for history readers.

Dilek Barlas, KOC University

The book offers a comprehensive and rich spectrum of articles on Turkeys Cold war policies based on archival research to revisit several significant developments of the period.

Ayşegül Sever, Marmara University

Examining Turkeys recent history from the perspective of British archival documents, this book is a multifaceted study in political science and political sociology. With its different perspectives on the subject matter at hand, it goes beyond the scope of a typical history book

Esra Özsüer, Istanbul University

A profoundly documented and fascinating discourse into a less studied period of Turkish foreign

policy in the Middle East during the Cold War, the knowledge of which is of utmost importance for understanding Ankara’s current stance in regional affairs.

Lillana Elena Boşcan, Bucharest University

Behcet Kemal Yesilbursa offers readers a thorough analysis of important events in Turkey’s

domestic and foreign policy. Each of the social political and economic changes that occurred in

the past hundred years is examined individually from an original pers,oective. Referring to the

British archival documents, Yesilbursa provkles a different view of the Cold War era and its impact on Turkey, and the historical roots of the nationalist movements in the Middle East. I believe this work will be an invaluable reference source for young academicians studying these topics.

F. Rezzan Ünalp, Ufuk University

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Behçet Kemal Yeşilbursa

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